About Me

Hello! I’m Faris Saad. Over the years while working for innovative companies both in The Netherlands and abroad my expertise on machine design and product development grew. In 2015 I decided to apply this knowledge on a wider and more varied scale of projects and founded Innovative Engineering. 

From my experience I have learned that the secret of developing technology is learning from the past, you do not want to re-invent the wheel, which, otherwise will only increase your time-to-market and will cost more at the end.

That said, when bringing a new product into the market, you want to be sure that a high quality product is delivered and more importantly, that product needs to be safe. Of course, you are taking these aspects already into account. Nevertheless this takes time. If time or capacity is an issue, Innovative Engineering can provide you a helping hand in product and machine development, prototyping and testing services no matter in which state nor how big or small your project is. For specifics please contact me.