About Me

Greetings! I'm Faris Saad, a highly skilled mechanical engineer specializing in machine design and product development. With a rich background collaborating with innovative companies in The Netherlands and internationally, I've honed my expertise over the years.

In 2015, I took the leap to establish my freelance venture, Innovative Engineering. My approach to technology development is grounded in the practical wisdom of learning from past successes, steering clear of unnecessary reinvention to optimize time-to-market and minimize costs.

As a solo freelancer, I prioritize delivering high-quality and safe products to the market. Understanding the challenges of balancing these critical factors with time constraints,

I offer my services to support your mechanical engineering projects.

Whether it's product and machine development, prototyping, or testing services, my expertise is at your disposal. Regardless of your project's scale or stage of development, I am here to provide tailored and comprehensive support.

In January 2024, I transitioned my proprietorship into a limited liability company, marking a significant milestone in my entrepreneurial journey. This transition allows me to expand my services and offer enhanced support to clients while ensuring greater stability and security for all parties involved. Feel free to reach out for specific inquiries, and let's make your engineering endeavors a success.